November 2018   
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Youth Ministries


God set a plan in motion from the beginning of time that would bring people to him. A gap that was insurmountable without the hope of Christ. On Sunday mornings we take a look at this story from Genesis to Revelation. The plan that God started continues today in the hearts and lives of people. The Bible truly is ONE story.

Discipleship is at the core of Sunday School. As we strive to live gospel filled lives individually, in community, and on mission, we learn what this means for us on a day to day basis. How do we live it out and what does a relationship with Jesus look like? These questions can be overwhelming and make us feel inadequate. These are the issues we tackle as we teach how our faith practically plays out. We learn how to read our Bibles and pray in a way that will deepen our relationship with our loving God!


Wednesday nights is our weekly worship gathering for students called ASSEMBLY! Assembly is a special time of games, friends, worship and Bible study. The weeks can be tough and exhausting and ASSEMBLY is the perfect midweek refresher. We know that the pressures and anxieties faced by students today are immense. This is a place where middle and high school students can escape the chaos and learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ with other students. At Smithwood, our goal is to create an environment that will help students make Christ number one in their lives, become involved in a personal ministry, and influence their friends. This is a place to experience true worship, in-depth teaching, and be connected to a small group.

Our service to our Lord and Savior does not stop on Sundays or Wednesdays. There are opportunities for students to be involved in fun activities, mission trips, and service opportunities right here in Fountain City. Come join us and have some fun while we draw closer to God together!