November 2019  
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Sunday School Classes

We belive that the Christian life is not something that we can live out on our own.  In these groups, we strive to study the Scriptures and encourage one-another in our walk with Christ.  Our Sunday School classes meet throughout our building at 9:30 on Sunday morning.  All classes are friendly and welcome visitors from all walks of life.  If you would like to visit a class, it would be best for you to park behind our building and enter from the rear.  There will be someone at the door who will greet you and point you to the right place.

Major Hope

This men’s and women’s class uses video studies and other curriculum which helps those involved apply the gospel to their daily lives.


This men’s and women’s class is studying from the standard International Sunday School curriculum, while occasionally using videos and departing from the normal material.


This men’s and women’s class is currently doing an in-depth study of the Gospel of Matthew. They enjoy discussion centered around the Scriptures.

New Fellowship

This is a small men’s and women’s class. They use the Union Gospel Press literature.


Soul Sisters

This is a mixed group of ladies ranging in age from 36-87 and we welcome those older or younger! We feel this is a positive as we learn from one another. We have at least one white elephant auction each year and the funds raised are given to a ministry of our choice.

Joy Class

This women's class usually does curriculum written by great Bible teachers like Dr. David Jeremiah. They study their lesson throughout the week. When they gather together they listen to audio teaching about the passage, then discuss what they have learned.

Dorcas Class

This class is mostly senior adult ladies and they use the Explore the Bible curriculum.